In addition to our Sunday Experiences each week, we have EPIC Groups.  The goal for each of these groups is to connect between Sundays.  At EPIC, we offer 6 different kinds of Groups:
GGrowth Groups-These groups meet to facilitate further discussion of the message from the Sunday Experiences.
RRecreation Groups-These groups are focused around recreation-style activities, such as: Ladies Bunko, Disc Golf, Men’s Softball and Football, etc.
OOutreach Groups-These groups are focused on reaching out and becoming more involved in the surrounding communities.
UUnite Groups-This group is focused around worship and prayer.  EPIC United is the 1st Wednesday of most months. At EPIC United we have an extended time of worship, prayer, and Communion.
PPractical Groups-These groups are for those interested in learning more about Parenting, Managing Your Finances, etc.
All of these groups meet at different times throughout the week.  For more information on our Groups, please click here.